Do I Need to Wear Sports Glasses for Basketball?
Thu, Aug 03, 23 By : OpticalKoalaEye
Choosing the right sports glasses for basketball will help you to prevent eye injuries. Poly-carbonate lenses are virtually unbreakable so choosing basketball sports glasses with poly-carbonate lenses is a perfect option for safety reasons. Also, you need a durable frame design while you play basketball with glasses and the frame needs to withstand the impact of the ball. Frames should ideally be secured by an elastic band and not just temple pieces. And the elastic band is secured tightly to...

Prescription basketball sports glasses can help you see clearly but even if you have perfect vision, you may still want a pair of goggles for eye protection. There are more eye injuries in basketball than in any other sport. Sports glasses for basketball will help protect you from suffering from one of these eye injuries. The history of prescription sports glasses for basketball started with helping the players who are wearing glasses improve their eyesight. But nowadays, more and more players would like to wear basketball sports glasses for extra protection because they don't want to risk losing their eyesight.


Can I play basketball with glasses?

Yes, you can play basketball with glasses. However, when you dunked the glasses would fall off sometimes and you just need to pop them back on. There are no rules stopping an individual from wearing glasses when playing basketball. From a practical perspective, it would be better to wear sports glasses for basketball rather than regular glasses. If your eyesight is bad, playing basketball without glasses can be quite scary. Also, with poor vision, it may not be possible for you to play effectively. Therefore, it is always best to wear sports glasses for basketball. If you do not want to wear basketball glasses you can always opt for contact lenses.


How to choose sports glasses for basketball?

Regular prescription sports glasses, goggles, and safety glasses do not provide proper eye protection to basketball players. It is recommended that athletes purchase sports glasses that are designed for playing basketball. Choosing poly-carbonate lenses is one of the only options that you should explore for prescription lenses for safety reasons. You need a durable frame design and the frame needs to withstand the impact of the ball. Also, the sports glasses for basketball you choose should have a cushion or padding along the nose edge and the temples. This protects the athlete from getting bruised should there be an impact. This padding also prevents chafing around the eyes, ears, and the noses bridge. When buying your sports glasses for basketball, pay attention that it has good ventilation or an anti-fog coating.


Why do I need to wear glasses while playing basketball?

  1. Sports Glasses for Basketball Improve Eyesight.

Anyone who wears glasses knows that sports and eyewear don't mix well. Nowadays there are many different people who rely on contact lenses as a solution to help with vision in life and while playing. If you don't want to wear contacts or are uncomfortable with the contacts, you can still get great vision by wearing sports glasses when you want to play basketball. Basketball sports glasses have been making an appearance on many different basketball players.

  1. Sports Glasses for Basketball Provide Eye Protection.

If you are looking to prevent eye injuries from basketball, the good news is that basketball sports glasses can prevent up to 90% of injuries. Sports glasses for basketball with poly-carbonate lenses are a good choice since these can withstand a greater impact and help prevent injuries better. Consider padding on the basketball sports glasses in order to cushion the area and prevent eye injuries even further.

  1. Sports Glasses for Basketball are Impact Resistant.

Prescription glasses or regular sports goggles could easily crack or get completely shattered while playing. This not only interferes with your playing ability but also predisposes you to eye injuries from broken glass or plastics. Specific sports glasses for basketball are designed to withstand any form of impact. They are also tested to ensure that they meet the standards set forth for ball, stick, and racket sports.


As for sports glasses, this post from Koalaeye Optical has shown information about sports glasses for basketball. If you have any different ideas for playing basketball with glasses, share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with glasses or sunglasses, please feel free to contact us via email at and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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