How to Choose Glasses for Small Eyes?
Wed, Jan 12, 22 By : KoalaEye Optical
If you have some eyesight problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism, you may need to wear prescription eyeglasses to correct your vision. Choosing a pair of suitable eyeglasses not only correct your vision, but also increase your beauty. However, if you have small eyes, how to choose glasses? If you do not know, keep on your reading. This post will show you how to choose glasses for close set eyes.

In this section, we will show you some ways to choose glasses for small eyes. You can follow these steps one by one.


To choose prescription eyeglasses for small eyes, you can check how far away your eyes are from the lenses. The lens should not be pressed up against your eyes because this would affect your eyes appearing in the frames.


Your eyes will look much better if they are centered as much as possible in each lens. This can make your eyes appear larger, especially if you are nearsighted, by making your eye the focal point.


Metal Frame Glasses


Then you should choose thin frames that suit your face shape. If you have small eyes, avoid bulky frames. They can minimize the appearance of your eyes, which will not be a flattering look for you. Instead, choose thin frames, which will work more to your benefit. Thin, lightweight frames are also easier to use to create different makeup looks that can make your eyes look bigger.

Round Glasses Frames | Round Glasses Prescription | KOALAEYE



Cat Eye Glasses Frames | Cat Eye Prescription Glasses uk | KOALAEYE

Cat Eye Glasses Frames


What’s more, consider your face shape in the process of choosing frames. People with small eyes tend to have a more narrow face, which is best suited to styles such as rectangular or cat-eye frames. Please do not choose frames that are too boxy, as your eyes can get lost in them. Color-wide, darker shades will work best with small eyes as they give the appearance of the eye being larger.



Round Glasses Frames


If you have small eyes, the high-index lenses would be better because they are plastic and they allow you to get a strong prescription in a thinner and lighter design. These high index lenses can also reduce how magnified or minimized your eyes may look, which makes them a great solution for people with small eyes.

Vintage Round Glasses | Round Sunglasses | KOALAEYE


So, as for how to choose glasses for small eyes, after reading this post, you may have known how to choose the best glasses for small eyes. If you need a pair of glasses, Koalaeye glasses are recommended since they are stylish and cheap.


To sum up, this post has shown how to choose glasses for small eyes. If you have any different ideas for glasses for close set eyes, share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with glasses, you can contact us via the email and we will reply to as soon as possible.








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