How to Choose Eyewear Frame Material
Mon, Aug 14, 23 By : OpticalKoalaEye
People often ask how to choose the material of glasses frame? What to do if you are allergic to metals?
People often ask how to choose the material of glasses frame? What to do if you are allergic to metals?

Plastic Steel material

Advantages: light weight, good flexibility, not easy to peel off paint, usually with adjustable elastic nose pads.

❌Disadvantages: painting is required, and the requirements for painting technology are relatively high.

TR material


High corrosion resistance, good flexibility, light weight, can reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose and ears, suitable for teenagers, the price is relatively cheap, and can print rich patterns.

❌Disadvantages: better toughness, the frame is more difficult to adjust.

Sheet material


High hardness, warm texture, strong wear resistance, anti-allergy and anti-perspiration, suitable for all skin types, especially for people with metal allergies, it is highly recommended.

❌ Disadvantages:

The material is hard and difficult to adjust, especially the integrated nose pad, which is difficult to adjust if it is worn for a long time and deformed.

Pure titanium material


Anti-corrosion, not easy to metal allergies, not easy to deform, high durability, light and flexible, usually with the word pure titanium or titanium on the frame.

❌Disadvantages: The process is more difficult.

β titanium material


Another molecular state of titanium material, which is resistant to environmental corrosion, has good shape plasticity, and usually has the words β-titanium on the frame.

❌Disadvantages: It is not easy to adjust and difficult to process.

alloy material


The color is very bright, the texture is good, the material price is low, the processing difficulty is low, and the frame is easy to adjust.

❌ Disadvantages:

Electroplating has poor adhesion and is prone to corrosion and oxidation. Some people are prone to metal allergies and are susceptible to extrusion deformation.

People with low budget but pursuing lightness and changing glasses frequently can choose TR frame✨

If you have sufficient budget and want to be lighter, choose titanium material

Prefer the texture of the choice of plate

Those who love fashion can choose metal‼
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